Saturday, January 03, 2004

playing cards
I found a Hallmark card in the middle of the road at seven ayy emm this morning.
It was face down with the Hallmark logo and barcode showing. Two dollars and fifteen cents for a card squandered in the pavement. It had tire marks crisscrossing above it.
I picked it up out of sheer curiousity. "You're as sweet as candy!" it proclaimed. "Happy Birthday! Love, Joey." The last part was written in a childish scrawl.
I placed the card in my gym bag, figuring no one would miss it and I so desperately needed to be affirmed that I am as sweet as candy.
I then proceeded to kick some serious spandexed ass.

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Thursday, January 01, 2004

oh it can’t be thursday, it’s too gruesome!
Does having the same New Year’s resolution for two years in a row show some sort of weakness? It sounds rather pathetic to me. It suggests that you were unsuccessful the previous year in achieving your goal. You gave up. You lost your mettle, your nerve. Your character possesses no fortitude and so you’re here again, watching the ball drop at midnight year after year, wishing the same thing into eternity and not doing much else. However, this could just be my cynicism again, dropping the bomb; dropping the ball.
Yeah, so I’m drunk. I think. It’s all rather new to me. But then again, it’s new to everyone. Happy fucking new year, twothousandandfour!
I could delude myself into thinking that this year will be the new millennium (plus four), the year that the space age will finally kick in and we all really can lasso the moon, do the obligatory meet and greet with alien creatures, and Make A Difference without any repercussions.
However, this would be silly because I didn’t even have anything to drink.
I mean, my last memories of 2003 involve Bruce Springsteen, rubbing alcohol and mascara, brownie cheesecake, and clutching my pink patent leather purse in the dark all the way to Video Hits Plus just so that I could rent Breakfast at Tiffany’s for the 6th time. Who am I kidding but to resign myself to resolving the same resolution as the year before?
It’s one of those days when you use a leftover bottle of shampoo you stole from a hotel a few years back. You don’t remember the exact hotel, or where, or why, you just know that your normal shampoo is all gone and this has appeared in your shower. The bottle opens differently and it drops through your wet hands as you fumble with the cap. Then you have to figure out how much you should use, but you always end up with too much because it all comes out in a big plop onto your palm, instead of the nice, controlled squirt you’re used to. It turns out well enough; clean and such; but when all is said and done your hair smells differently until the next shower. And oh, fuck, we're only 46 minutes into the first day. 364 more to go.
Nobody really likes change unless it’s for the better. Even neutral change is an inconvenience, forcing one to change their ways without any benefit.
And so, the new millennium (plus four) begins. Remember to love and be loved. Oh, and that Melly hearts each and every one of you.
But that's probably just the cynicism again.

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