Friday, December 26, 2003

Storyline not included

1. I told them to look candid 2. The State of the Gages commences 3. The look-we're-normal-and-well-adjusted picture; skating and puppies, ect. 4. We play solitaire when it's sunny outside 5. I never have been one to swoon.

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Tuesday, December 23, 2003

the way we get by
She’s scrapbooking for the day when I magically turn into Grown-Up Meredith, or something. Apparently Grown Up Meredith (GUM) will have no memories of her past life, and so will welcome a book filled with pictures and plane tickets and carefully cut out pieces of acid-free construction paper.
The first page of the cloth-covered binder is filled with pictures of some baby being held by people that look vaguely like my parents, but not as cool. Titles in stickers say things like “First Christmas”, “I’m Growing!” and “Pookie.” The pictures thin as the years drag on—a sign that there’s only so much interest snapshots and acid free tape can hold. The last page features yours truly wearing her Yankees cap and standing on a precipice of the Grand Canyon, holding my arms up to catch the sunset.
This picture was taken over three years ago. Apparently, her teenage years are something that GUM will not be interested in having a visual memory of.
She’s started again, hauling out the borders made of stickers and the fancy scissors that cut out swirls in the paper. She is determined to capture each year of my life in two pages of snapshots or less, give or take a title like “Easter Flowers”. Meredith's mommy is craaayzay.
I look across the room guiltily, knowing that even the best gum can’t remain acid free.
I’m leaving for Minnesota today, taking my viewfinder and my music across the lake with me. There shall be a photoblog when I return!
I wish you all a Merry Christmas, give or take a title like “Happy Holidays”

We go out in stormy weather
We rarely practice discern
We make love to some weird sin
We seek out the taciturn
That's the way we get by


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