Saturday, May 10, 2003

Does anyone other than me find the fact that the bad guys with bad haircuts and matching sunglasses of the original Matrix look suspiciously like Don Henley clones on the cover of his Actual Miles album? No? Because I couldn't help watching that movie last night for this first time (yes, I am about 4 years too late to jump on the bandwagon) and thinking to myself, "Forget saving the world from robotic spiders. We've got to save it from people selling t-shirts."

Garden of Allah-- Don Henley
(in which the Devil visits a large western city and finds that he has become obsolete.)
"Nice car.........
I love those meticulous
Y'know, I remember a time when things were a lot more fun around here
When good was good, and evil was evil
Before things got so.......fuzzy
Yeah, I was once a golden boy like you
I was summoned to the halls of power in the heavenly court
And I dined with the deities who looked upon me with favor
For my talents; my creativity
We sat beneath the palms in the warm afternoon
And drank the wine with Fitzgerald and Huxley
"Today I made and appearance downtown
I am an expert witness, because I say I am
And I said, 'Gentleman....and I use that word loosely...I will testify for you
I'm a gun for hire, I'm a saint, I'm a liar
Because there are no facts, no truth, just data to be manipulated
I can get you any result you like....what's it worth to ya?
Because there is no wrong, there is no right
And I sleep very well at night
No shame, no solution
No remorse, no retribution
Just people selling t-shirts
just opportunity t participate in this pathetic little circus
And winning, winning, winning' "

I don't think I shall be going to see the sequel, no matter what the imfamous he says.
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Friday, May 09, 2003

I was experienced a bit of a paradox today when I discovered that my mother must have switched laundry detergent brands. This new kind makes my clothes smell all good and such. A quick check to the bottle label confirmed that mom is now using "Tide Alternative- Clean Breeze" (not "After the Rain", Katie), however, this shirt smells nothing like a clean breeze so she must have used the alternative part. But it's good, all the same.
The new scent has had me sniffing my shirt and sighing contentedly. But I'm worried--if one is to ask me what I did today, I really do not want to reply, "I sniffed laundry detergent" as they might get the wrong impression
Kind of like when I wanted to read that book called Porno, but I did not want to say as such, or carry around a book with a jacket that looks like an inflatable doll.
Or the time when I saw that cool pair of flipflops at Target that had a secret compartment on the sole of them, so that you could stick your keys and such in them without losing them at the beach. Of course, the first thing I thought when I saw these was, "Man, if you were a smuggler these shoes would really come in handy!" thus dooming me never to purchase the smuggler-flip-flops; hidden coke (or, damn, Coca Cola! Another instance!) on my possesion or not.
Why must life be so compromising?

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Thursday, May 08, 2003

I must admit to you, dear readers, that I have been holding something back.
As of late, I have been writing some of my thoughts down in a pink hardcover notebook instead of this blog. It is decorated with frolicking French (freedom?) poodles, emblazoned with the words "wink wink" and "ooh la la." With every turn of a page, the poodles wink at me, seemingly saying, "Feed us the table scraps of gossip that flow from your purple sparkley gel pen! Give us something to ooh la la over! It is our duty, because we are girly freedom poodles!"
And so I do, in a mixture of print and cursive and dotted-with-a-heart i's. That always used to bug me. I used to mentally scream at people, "No hearts on your i's! Buy some jeans! Get some TicTacs! Watch the news! Don't let footballs hit you on the nose!" Everything I knew, it seemed, came from Brady Bunch episodes. No wonder I was such an angry child. But here I am, dotting my own i's with hearts and writing with flourishes and flowers and smiley faces. Lord knows what else this whole ordeal has done to my writing, or, more importantly, to me.
There's been a lot on my mind lately, and the frolicking poodles have been happy to oblige me. I hope you understand.

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Wednesday, May 07, 2003

Blowing on fluffy white withered dandelions (it's adjective day, boyses and girls!) is an excercise in futility.
Obviously, if it was mortally possible to blow off all of the little seed pods and therefore have our wishes fulfilled, the wind would have already beaten us to it. Damn wind. So greedy. I don't buy any of that childrens-books-smiling-happy-wind crap.
And all I wanted was to rip off Mariah Carey's only music video idea and be kissed under the rain.
Is that so much, wind?

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Tuesday, May 06, 2003

I was unable to sleep because I was pissed off. So begins my manifesto (part one, chapter 6)
What the hell is wrong with pop music? A lot of things, I know, so I won't go there. But in concept, it's not a bad idea: market a talent that a lot of people can enjoy, or at least tolerate. In order for this enterprise to be successful, the artist in question must have a reasonable amount of talent and exactly the right amount of niche--they can't be too washed out, but they can't be pure, unadulterated style either. And what's wrong with this? Nothing, really, as long as the formula is played out correctly. Coldplay and Norah Jones are good examples of this, as they posess the talent and are not pure mainstream. Britney Spears and Creed are not, as they do not fulfill the basic talent requirement. But as long as the music is enjoybale and heartfelt, I see no reason to dismisss it just because it's considered mainstream. And again, what's wrong with mainstream? There seems to be a joint public and private movement within all of us to fight the system or whatever. We need to remember that it's mainstream because a lot of poeple like it, and it's the system bceuase it works for the current moment. Sure, we all hate the RIAA. But let's not hold it against the artists (or at least some of them).
This is not to say I would not enourage seeking out and enjoying indie music. In fact, I kind of picture pop music as the crossroads of the casual music listener to get interested in a certain type of music. Norah Jones may lead to jazz and/or easy listening, The Verve Pipe to alternative rock, Coldplay to BritPop, Good Charlotte to punk, Outkast to hiphop, Alicia Keys to R and B, Shakira to latin, Moby to techno, or Bruce Springsteen to classic rock (I realize that Springsteen himself is classic rock, but you have to work with me here). Purists would probably scoff at my analogies above ("Good Charlotte punk? NEVER!") but I am fucking sick of the purists. Are they so far gone in their own little world that they can't even pretend to like any other type of music? Are they so far gone that they must develop a "holier than thou" attitude (granted, I could probably be accused of this myself, but not in excess). Scoffers of the music world, I scoff at you. The music we consider to be bad pop music is usually a dead-end...where the hell does one progress from Christina Agueleria? But by using this logic, a lot of indie artists would not have the followings they enjoy if not for the "evils" of mainstream.
So don't linger long in Popville, but instead play it by ear and pick your path out.
(related to the casual observer side note: I will enjoy my concert tix to Counting Crows and John Mayer, thankyouverymuch.)
(unrealated to the casual observer side note: IN YOUR FACE!)

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