Saturday, April 26, 2003

I think one can only be truly confident about oneself when their bra hangs out in full view all day in a non-slutty way without them caring.
Granted, it was sports bra, and I was too busy running around and sweating and jumping and hitting and yelling to care, but I think it's a good step.

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Friday, April 25, 2003

Melly was going to write about how she compulsively played the game "MASH" today for about an hour, but she decided this might paint a portrait of Melly as an insane, obsessed, and twisted person that has nothing better to do then to cross off names of celebrities, cars, number of children; succeeding in answering the ever-important question of if she will be living in a mansion, an apartment, a shack, or a house; failing to answer the question of why she talks about herself in third person.
She only talks about herself in third person when she's nervous or giddy, you see, and these two emotions are hardly distinguishable, as symptoms of both include running of the mouth and running of the heart, even when one feels strangely lethargic.
This pathetic hankering of love and lust and flirtation and infatatuation must stop immediatly.

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Wednesday, April 23, 2003

Open question:
Why did someone deem it nessecary to produce raspberry flavored peaches? I mean, really. Is there logic in artificially flavoring fruit to taste like another fruit?

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I am such a bundle of hypocrisy.
Walking to school this morning, I noticed an open tulip planted in the middle of someone's yard covered with frost. It was very pretty. It was very bizarre. I wished I had my camera to take a picture, but if I turned back to get it I'd be late for first period. (Unrelated side note: Since our teacher has given up, all we're doing until the end of the year first period is watching Donner Party documentaries. Good morning, cannabalism! Skipping wouldn't be that bad, albeit the morals attatched to me.)
This afternoon, I walked back to the particular flower to see that it had lost its glittering frost and now looked like any other tulip. Instead of marveling about the wonders and beauties of nature, all I could think was "Damn, I missed a photo opportunity."
You see, I didn't really give a shit about the flower. I was just hoping that someone else would.
Sometimes I think I should stop caring about someone else and photograph interestingly shaped manholes instead.

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Tuesday, April 22, 2003

I haven't been writing much lately. I figured I'd state this and turn myself in before you guys all bust me. 'Cause we all KNOW that Ye Olde Blogge Jailyarde is a scary, scary place.
It's like I go through the days without seeing anything anymore. It's all routine; planned out and perfect. I get through it without thinking, without observing, without any effort at all. I'm so damn lazy.
I need an adventure of the largest sort. I need a love, I need a vacation, I need a muse, I need a relationship, I need an idea, I need a discovery, and most importantly, I need one of those stupid, overpriced Segway Human Transporters, because if there is a human that needs to be transported, it sure as hell is me.
So tell me your stories; spill your bomb; speak of your wonders. Tell me what you ate for lunch today.
I need a story, so I can figure out what the hell I'm doing. I'm waiting.

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Sunday, April 20, 2003

The sun was shining too bright so I closed my eyes.
"What's that noise?" I asked.
"It's raining," said Evan.
And so it was.
No rainbow, though.
Happy Easter.

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